Thursday 14 August 2014

Ironing Out The Wrinkles

This year I turned 30. Over time I have noticed my skin look a little sad and dull no matter what I tried or used. The ageing bug has not been very kind to me. Fine lines under and around the eyes, deep furrows appearing between the brows and either side of my mouth being the biggest complaints I have. My mother likes to call them laughter lines, it shows that I am enjoying life. I may enjoy life but I don't enjoy getting older.

I had been hearing about a product that other friends in the beauty industry have been using with incredible results, according to them it was 'Botox in a bottle' and this certain face oil worked wonders on plumping the skin giving a fresh, youthful, wrinkle free appearance. Not sure if this was true or just overly hyped up I thought it was worth at least trying.

The product is Helenere - Maitrise Du Temps. 

The price tag, £173 for a pack of 5 - 10ml bottles. I can imagine jaws dropping about now.
I had no idea starting this adventure to younger skin that it came at such a high cost. However, for the sake of looking ten years younger I took the leap in Feb of this year and paid the price. 7 months in and I regret nothing, I would repurchase this pack in a heartbeat when the time comes that I run low.
Stopping the ageing clock and winding it back, this succeeds with top marks, having never had Botox I cannot tell you if it is anything comparable but what I can tell you is my eye area looks the same as it did at 20; smooth, wrinkle free and it even helped with a hood that was sagging down over my eyelid.
My fine lines are perfectly plumped out and even, my pores look smaller in size which results in foundation and powders looking better (no cakey lines that I have to smooth out half way through the day anymore). Dare I say my skin look in healthier condition than it did in my 20's. I don't think I could ever go back after using this product.

So what exactly is it? It is essentially an extra rich intensive formula serum that moisturises deeply that you use prior to your usual day/ night time face moisturiser. (In my case Philosophy - Hope In A Jar.) So, very simple to slip it into your skincare routine. This treatment renders its elasticity to the epidermis, benefits the cell renewal process, restores firmness and brightness to the skin while re-balancing its hydrolipidic film, and diminishing wrinkles.

A visible and dramatic difference in skin texture and anti ageing results appeared after around a month of using this, so not immediate but with time skin slowly winds back time and eradicates those wrinkles.
Do I think it's worth the money? Yes! Every last penny is well spent on this. I will be repurchasing the pack when I get to my last bottle, which even after 7 months I'm not even close to. The pack of 5 will probably last me a full year, as you only need a few drops each time, a little goes a long way. Overall, it probably costs you less per year than a normal face oil does, so it's pretty well priced when you do the math and good value for your money.

I highly recommend this if you want to wind back skin ageing, and help to stop it in its tracks; I can completely understand why people recommended this and hyped it up so much. In turn I recommend it to you and hope you have as much success as we did with this product. It's cheaper than Botox and drastic surgeries, both of which cost a huge amount of money - which could be spent on shoes, bags, cosmetics etc!