Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Special...

Unfortunately, this Sunday I was unable to pick just one product which impressed me the most. 
Both of these blew me away equally, for different reasons. 
You can see the reviews for each of these here: 

Why was I so amazed with these? I have been using both products either daily or several times a week since I purchased them, you see results instantly and they are both brilliant value for money.
The night cream smells great, it sinks into the skin fast with no residue, it smooths out fine lines, restores moisture evenly, and in my case it actually helped soothe and remove patches of acne I had been suffering with.
The bath & shower oil is just an amazing bathing experience. A true luxury, I adore the scent, I loved how it made my skin soft and supple and how it relaxed me deeply. One of my new favourites from Aromatherapy Associates. 

I would highly recommend trying both of these products. Both equally deserving of the Sunday Special position.

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