Wednesday 1 January 2014

Welcome to Exploration Beauty!

Hello and welcome to Exploration Beauty. 

I have been in the hair and beauty industry for over 14 years. In this time I have picked up lots of knowledge about the business and used a whole heap of different products. 

The most important factor to anyone in the industry, novice or expert is if the products you use actually work; if they don't it doesn't really matter how good or knowledgeable you are, the look you're trying to achieve will not turn out the way that you desired it to. 
So, with this I am embarking on a journey to find product's that do what you need them to do. If the product fails the test this will be in the results. All the opinions on the product's I review are my own and 100% honest.

I will update content on a daily basis of tried and tested products, on each day of the week I will review a product giving details of:
  • Price
  • Amount of product
  • Where it is made
  • Who it is suitable for
  • Information about the product
  • What it is for
  • If the product worked
  • Is it value for money
  • The end results
On Sunday, I will be doing a Sunday Special. This will be the featured product of all the products tested in that entire week and why it was my favourite.
This will give a spotlight to products that I personally think are great and give fantastic results; making looking beautiful quick, easy and correct - for your skin tone/ skin type/ hair type.

Vegetarian and vegan approved products will also be included in the testing; so hopefully there will be something for everyone.
(If you are curious on how I test products, please read the 'About Me' section.)

Have a great New Year and again welcome to Exploration Beauty!

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