Sunday, 9 February 2014

E.L.F - Essential Lipstick

£1.50 each /3.5g each
Tailored for all skin tones.
Available in 12 different shades.

E.l.f (Eyes Lips Face), do a whole range of different lip products at different prices. The cheapest version is the Essential range.

The shades I chose were: Charming - A dusky rose, Flirtatious - A soft baby pink, Fearless - A classic pillar box red and Seductive - A mauve.

The formula is smooth and creamy, making it easy to apply and leaves lips feeling silky soft, hydrated, and supple. They all have a glossy finish.

They are highly pigmented, so a couple of swipes and you have a nice opaque colour. The lipstick has an even wear and doesn't dry out on the lips. However, the colours only lasted for a couple of hours before a reapplication was necessary, shorter if you have been eating/ drinking.

The packaging does have some problems and this is my only complaint about the lipsticks; the lids tend to fall off in your purse and the twist body is fairly flimsy. For the price I can look past these small flaws though. You get a product that is brilliant value for money, hydrating on the lips, has a good opaque colour and you get a good selection of colours to choose from.

I would highly recommend these to younger people who are perhaps just starting out with cosmetics, who have little money but want to try a selection of colours to see what suits them the best.

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