Sunday 23 February 2014

The Body Shop - Lip and Eye Liner's

£8.00/ 1.25g (each)
Made in the UK.
Eye Liner available in 5 different shades.
Lip Liner available in 7 different shades.

While I was in The Body Shop, I came across these liners. For some strange reason, I've never tried their lip or eye liners and not really heard anything about them. I thought I would pop a few in my basket and give them a try.  I've been using them for just over two weeks and tried all of the colours to create different day and evening looks.

I picked a bright pillar box red lip liner, called '13 - Rosy Red'. I have amassed many red lipsticks, so I knew that this shade would match at least a few.
When I first opened this the colour impressed me, it looked so pretty and stunning that I took a moment to enjoy the shade.
Application of the lip liner really didn't impress me though.  It claims that it has a soft texture, however, it was a hard pencil (like a drawing pencil). I found it scratchy and rough; I had to really drag it along to get any colour onto my lip line. When I did, it had good pigmentation and a very sharp out line.
I loved the colour, it matched quite a few lipsticks I tried it with, the lip liner stayed on for hours without smudging, or wearing off (even with drinking and eating). My lipstick came off before this lip liner did. It impressed me how solid the line remained and how long it stayed on the lips for. I began to appreciate these benefits and see past the application.
It had a nice even wear so it wasn't patchy or missing in bits. It did reduce lipstick bleed I noticed that my lipstick stayed sharper and neater without blurring out. I think this is a product that I will have a love/ hate relationship with.

(L-R) Rosy Red / Glowing Amethyst / Brilliant Blue / Shimmering Steel / Vibrant Emerald.
In the Metallic Eye Definer's, I picked up four different shades. I have tried many different metallic liners and I haven't found one that I liked. They were either a great eye liner but not very metallic; very sheer or didn't work at all giving no colour pay off. So I wasn't getting my expectations up too high for these liners either.
I was pleasantly surprised when I used it though as it had amazing pigmentation and it was truly metallic. I had found my metallic eye liner that did what it said it would and did it brilliantly.
The liner glided on very smoothly and gently, with no tugging or pulling. It gave me even and smooth coverage with great colour pay off and an intense metallic effect that really made my eyes light up and sparkle.
It is an excellent liner, usable on water line and tight line, as well as upper lid. The formula is water resistant, so the liner stayed put for hours before having to re-apply. I would repurchase these liners without a second thought. Simply beautiful for both day and night.

Left - Artificial Lighting / Right - Natural Daylight

Both products contain Fair Trade Marula oil. They source this from the 'Eudafano Women’s Co-Operative' (which helps women earn a fair income) in Namibia.The Body Shop are also Cruelty Free, none of their products are tested on animals. I enjoy the fact that the company are ethically minded; this makes me feel comfortable with the products that I am using and feel fair towards the source and people who created the product.

I hope you enjoyed this look at The Body Shop's liners. Feel free to let me know if you have tried them and what your thoughts on them were below in the comments section. x

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