Monday 31 March 2014

Much Loved - March

This month I've been sticking with Winter shades. (Where I live it's raining every day, colder than ice and wind that makes you think you'll end up in Oz) I'm ready for S/S seasons, I even have all my new products ready and waiting. Fingers crossed for a little sun so I can break out the pastel nail colours.

I have been obsessed with OPI nail polish in the shade 'From A to Z-urich'. For me personally this is the perfect red shade for winter months as it's a deep red, without hitting the burgundy scale. It's very wearable day and night and seems to go with every outfit. I've had this on my nails more times than I can count these past few months and I've never bored of it. It's beautiful paired with a true red lipstick.

Floris - Hand Treatment Cream in 'Rosa Centifolia', has been a must for me. I usually use Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream through colder seasons, but after trying this and loving the results it has been firmly placed on the top spot for excellent repairing hand cream. (Sorry Clarins) Not only does it leave your hands soft, supple and nourished but it smells so good, I've become addicted to sniffing my hands like a strange person when I've applied this. A fair few odd looks have been cast my way recently. It smells like a rose garden in Summer, pure nose happiness.

Soap & Glory - Lid Stuff / 'What's Nude'. My Naked Basics and Mac palette have all been forgotten about in a draw because of this palette. It has been in my personal makeup bag for months and I adore it. I even placed one in my kit and others have been converted to the S&G side. It really is an amazing palette, the quality for the price you pay (£10) is astounding. It's finely milled, creamy powder is highly pigmented, it blends so easily and lasts all day without creasing or smudging. A true pleasure to work with and to wear.

Lila 'lli - Line, Define, Fill in the shade 'Chinatown'. A lovely plum/ red creamy pencil that is multi tasking. You can use this as an eyeliner, as a lip liner or to line and fill the lips all in one. I use this as a liner for the lips mainly to keep lipstick looking sharp. It's lasting power is amazing and it does not feather which is a thumbs up. It's a creamy formula which doesn't snag or drag. This has been my go to liner for both reds and purples this Winter season and probably will continue to be so for many a year. Pure love for this product.

Revlon - Colourburst Matte Balm in 'Elusive'. I won't go into loads of detail surrounding this lip balm crayon as I've seen many blogs written about these lately, I would hate to bore you on what you may have been reading about already. But I will add that I enjoyed these colours and the texture of them. I've been using mine almost daily and have loved it so far. Although in summer I probably will stray with all the new beauty products that are going to be released.

That's my round up of products that I used most and loved in March, I hope you enjoyed them and you are having more joy with the weather where you live. What are your Spring beauty items going to be this year? Leave a comment and let me know below!

Ciao x

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