Tuesday 18 March 2014

L'Oreal, Skin Perfection - Velvety Soft Toner

I am a huge toner fan. Not only do toners help the look of pore size, they also can regulate oils produced and even get those pesky last bits of make up you may have missed whilst cleansing.
I haven't really seen many reviews on this product, so I thought I would add a comment or two on it after using well over half of it up.
The scent is pleasant and refreshing, it doesn't make me recoil with horror. The formula is very thin, water like in viscosity. The solution is clear/ milky in colour.
I had a little trouble with the amount of product that would come flying out as I tended to get either a drop or two, or a soaked cotton pad; the flow of the toner is unpredictable so beware.
The application was nice, there was no sting on the skin, no redness after application, and no drying or irritation. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive so I already knew these factors would not be included in this product from the beginning of use.
It does leave the skin silky soft and does remove impurities. However, personally a toner to me tones the skin, leaving pores closed; hence making the appearance of them look smaller. This did not achieve that at all. It also didn't really seem to regulate or balance out oil, I tended to see increased oils on the face half way through the day, particularly the forehead and chin.
I think if you have very dry, dry - normal skin this would probably be a great toner for your needs, but other skin types would get no benefit from using this toner. I know far superior toners for the same price that would suit other skin types better.

Overall, I don't think I would purchase this again for my skin type. If I had sensitive or dry skin I probably would buy this in a heart beat, as it did leave my skin baby soft.

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