Thursday, 13 March 2014

Morgan Taylor Review and Swatches

Whilst I was in my local beauty supply shop this week I saw a new nail stand and I got rather excited.
I have been hearing great thing's about this brand from others and have been wanting to try them for at least a month. Finally I had my chance, so I snapped a couple up.
Choosing the colours I wanted to try first was the hardest as they are all stunning, there was so many colours that were just unique. So for now I have 'Little Misfit' and 'Fame Game' as I thought these would be a lovely combo. I adored all the shade names!

The very same night - I was doing my nails, the surprises with these nail lacquers was never ending. I spent half an hour uhhhing and ahhhing whilst using them. They truly are the best nail polishes I have ever used and I've tried pretty much every brand. From the exquisitely innovative custom-designed bottle with ergonomic cap that fits in your hand like a dream (even my man hands) to the formula with a perfect opaque coverage without any brush marks or streaks.
The glitter was the most amazing out of the two, two coats without any colour underneath and I had a full opaque glitter encrusted nail that was sparkling like a treasure chest. Little Misfit had a flip paint effect, it looked different colours in different lights. Purple, pink, green, silver, grey were the spectrum of colours that was amongst what I saw in different positions as I turned my nail.

(Fame Game is on the left and Little Misfit on the right)

The drying time was fairly fast around 3 minutes first coat and 5 minutes for the second. With a top coat the polish has lasted over a week now with only one small chip from the top left edge of my little nail.

Would I recommend them? Absolutely! Morgan Taylor's unique spectrum knows no bounds, ranging from the classical to avant-garde, and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular. Perfect for expressing every mood, attitude and personal style.

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