Thursday 6 March 2014

Sally Hansen - Sugar Coat, Textured Nail Colour

£6.99 each/ 11.8ml.
Made in the USA.
Available on the high street.
8 different shades to choose from.

I chose the shades:
600 - Sour Apple, A lovely mint green.
400 - Sweetie, A buttery yellow.
300 - Cherry Drop, A pillar box red.
200 - Sugar Fix, A brilliant white.

As you can see from the swatches, all the shades have a 3D texture to the nail colour, making it appear that the nail is coated in sugar, as indicated in the name.
I really liked how all of the colours were opaque in two thin coats, the formula has a slight rubber like finish. This did prove a little harder when I came to remove the polish from the nail. I had to soak the nail in acetone for a little longer than I normally would have too.
The polish dried fairly quickly, around 1 minute on the first coat 4-5 minutes on the second coat.
Good lasting power, it remained without chipping or wearing for a good 4-6 days; depending on how rough I was with my nails.
The colours aren't particularly unique but the finish is something I have not encountered before. This was the main reason I liked them so much.
My favourite was the white 'Sugar Fix'. It was the most unique, which people commented on. It gave me personal memories of growing up in the 90's. A good white opaque nail polish was rarer than a unicorn; we would use Tippex of all things. So this one really impressed me and made me smile the most. Definite thumbs up!

Overall, I liked these nail effect colours. They stood out from all the effects polishes that have recently flooded the market. Not for the colour or formula but for the unique factor and the two shade opaqueness.

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